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Selling your home is a huge decision
that affects pretty much every part
of your life. For some people, it is an
easy one to make, while others may
be unsure. Having equity in your home
is vital to a profitable sale. Without it,
you will likely lose money. In fact, overall
financial health can make the process
much easier. You should have enough in
savings to cover the costs of your move
and about six months’ of expenses.
Having a little extra to invest in staging
your home for sale is important as well.
Do a little market research, and set
aside time with your real estate agent
to ask questions so you know what to

As well as a marketing plan
to outline our responsibilities. We pride
ourselves on our ability to answer the
many questions that will inevitably pop
up during the process of selling your
home or buying a new one. Thinking
of selling? Thinking of buying? Think
of NANCY “D” STORINO 315-788-7171
call us to set up an appointment to
discuss your real estate plans.
Hint: If you are not under pressure to sell
your home, take some time to ensure
that you are emotionally ready to not
only leave your home, but also to deal but also to deal
with the stress involved in the process.