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Start with This!!!

There is a long list to think about
when buying a home, so start at
this basic one. Get a pre-approval,
not a pre-qualification, for your
mortgage. A pre-approval is what
is required when making an offer,
and you should get that done with
at the outset. We can refer you a
banks or a mortgage lenders. You
can start with a pre-qualification
simply by talking to them on the
phone. In most cases you should
know your affordability at that
time. Next you will find out your
options and how they effect your
down payment if any and closing
costs. The loan you will be working
with may also dictate what types
of homes you can purchase before
you look.
Figuring out the mortgage and
obtaining financing for a new home
turns the dream phase “wouldn’t
it be great if…” into the reality
of “it’s actually going to happen!”
There’s much to learn, many
steps to take, and lots to do to
accomplish a successful real estate
Hint: If you’d like some help with
the process, we welcome your call
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