NANCY D. STORINO, Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker
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  1. A REALTOR® knows real estate values, can intelligently determine the fair market price of your home at the time of sale – helping to assure top dollar for your property.

  2. A REALTOR® has a list of pre-screened prospects; people seriously interested in buying a home. Nancy works with pre-qualified Buyers helping to expedite all of her sales.

  3. A REALTOR® is familiar with zoning codes, neighborhoods, schools, churches, transportation, hospitals and shopping centers.

  4. A REALTOR® does not have personal ties or fond memories concerning the property. Therefore, he or she is better able to answer all questions objectively and unemotionally.

  5. A REALTOR® can offer many valuable suggestions on how to make your home more salable, the best way to show and stage your home.

  6. A RELTOR® knows how to advertise a property to gain maximum results, has referrals from others and submits properties to local Multiple Listing Service accounting for hundreds of other Realtors® having access to the property. Nancy subscribes to all of the National Websites ie; Zillow,,, and 100’s more nationwide.

  7. A REALTOR® knows how to “sell” the property and obtain a firm offer without pressuring the buyer.

  8. A REALTOR® knows how to assist the buyer in obtaining a mortgage, the amount of down payment required, points, escrow, property taxes, closing costs and utility bills. Nancy knows all of the lenders and how to communicate with them throughout the lending process. Nancy’s sales close in RECORD time!

  9. A REALTOR® will present to you offers made on your property and will assist you in negotiating the sale and in guiding you through the closing process until the property is SOLD and closed.

  10. A REALTOR® operates under a strict Code of Ethics enforced by the National Association of REALTORS®, assuring you the most competent, professional and ethical performance available.